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Specialty Programs

CJIQ features many specialty programs.  Late at night we complement our New Rock format with specialty rock programs.

Monday Night at 10, it’s the Punk Rock Academy

We “pull the plug” on Wednesday nights for our acoustic rock program.

Thursdays you’ll hear the heaver side of rock with Armed and Amped.  Fans of Ska have wanted a show of their own for some time and can enjoy Ska Trek at 9 pm.  Anger Management features metalcore.

Fridays Todd Donald knows all about the local music scene and features great local and regional talent on “The Indie Rock invasion”  and then at 9 it’s metal to the max with “Feel the Rage”.

CJIQ Weekend Volunteers
some of CJIQ's weekend volunteers

Saturdays – it’s time to move to the beat.  Award winning host Super V hosts three hours of reggae starting at 3 with “Vibes Radio.  “Heat Radio” takes over at 6 followed by “The Lockdown” and we wrap up with jungle , drums and bass with “Souljah Sessions”.

On Sunday – CJIQ broadcasts to various community groups in Polish, Serbian and Spanish. 

Finally, CJIQ helps you unwind and relax every Sunday.  Join Paul Scott for “on Stage”, two hours of light classical music starting at 4.  It’s followed by Mike Thurnell’s “Songs from A  Quiet Place” a mix of New Age, Celtic and easier sounds starting at 6.